Alex Gates is currently an Associate Research Scientist in the Center for Complex Network Research, Network Science Institute, Northeastern University working with Distinguished University Professor Albert-Laszlo Barabasi. He has developed a multi-faceted research program exploring how connectivity shapes careers with applications to scientists, artists, and non-profit leaders & organizations.

Alex’s research philosophy is grounded in systems theory: he conceptualizes collective human behavior as emerging from the non-trivial behavior and relationships of individuals—individuals are not equally exchangeable; rather, they have unique history-dependent skills and knowledge, they interact in teams, are embedded in complex networks of relationships, and they move between organizations stimulating the diffusion of ideas, policies, and practices within society. His work explores the performance and success empowering careers, and the influence of strategic decisions made by the managers and administrators who support them.

I’ve also built my own sailboat, loving named A Little Character: A little character.